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Day: February 9, 2024

Key Points: Crypto-Focused Voters in California Poised to Impact 2024 Elections Elaboration: Coinbase’s prediction and Morning Consult data reveal the significance of California’s crypto-focused voters in the upcoming 2024 elections. With 8.2 million crypto owners in the state, 78% of them advocate for supportive policies on disruptive technologies. Moreover, candidates embracing pro-crypto and blockchain positions are likely to attract this influential voter base. Hot Take: California’s Growing Crypto Community Has Political Clout

Key Points: Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase predicts that crypto-focused voters in

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SEC’s Rule on DEX Liquidity Providers: Facing Criticism and Potential Legal Challenges Predictions for DeFi Regulations in 2024: Ripple’s President Weighs In SEC’s Definitions for DeFi Market Participants: Impact and Potential Conflicts Bullish Week for Top 100 DeFi Tokens, Reflecting Broader Market Gains Total Value Locked in DeFi Surpasses $63 Billion Hot Take: SEC’s Rule on DEX Liquidity Providers Sparks Backlash and Raises Regulatory Uncertainty in DeFi

Key Points: The SEC’s new rule impacting DEX liquidity providers

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