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Post: ADGM Signs MoU with Solana Foundation to Boost DLT Development

ADGM Signs MoU with Solana Foundation to Boost DLT Development

Key Points:

  • Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Solana Foundation to advance the development of distributed ledger technology (DLT).
  • The collaboration aims to explore opportunities for development within ADGM’s DLT Foundations Regulations.
  • ADGM and Solana will work together to expand the international financial center’s existing projects.

Elaborate With Insight:

Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) and the Solana Foundation have entered into a partnership to further the growth of distributed ledger technology (DLT). While no specific measures have been announced, the collaboration will focus on exploring opportunities within ADGM’s DLT Foundations Regulations.

The partnership between ADGM and Solana aims to expand the projects already in place in the international financial center. By leveraging Solana’s expertise in DLT, ADGM hopes to enhance its capabilities and drive innovation in the blockchain space.

ADGM’s DLT Foundations Regulations, introduced in November, were designed to provide a purpose-built regulatory framework for blockchain foundations, Web3 entities, and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). The collaboration with Solana will help ADGM strengthen its position as a pioneer in blockchain regulation and technology.

Hot Take:

The collaboration between ADGM and Solana is a significant step towards fostering the development of DLT in Abu Dhabi. As ADGM continues to expand and establish itself as a leading international financial center, the partnership with Solana will provide a platform for innovation and growth in the blockchain industry. By leveraging the expertise and resources of both entities, this collaboration has the potential to drive significant advancements in DLT adoption and regulation in the region.

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