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AGIX Price Analysis: Potential Target Areas and Future Potential

SingularityNET AGIX: Is AGIX Set To 100X?
SingularityNET AGIX: Is AGIX Set To 100X?

The cryptocurrency AGIX (Ajax) has experienced a significant price decline in recent weeks. However, a recent video analysis by JB suggests that there is still potential for AGIX to make significant gains in the future.

Technical Analysis

JB mentions that AGIX has experienced a five-wave drop to the downside in a diagonal pattern. This suggests that the cryptocurrency may be in the early stages of a corrective phase.

JB also highlights potential target areas for AGIX’s price, including levels between 17.359 and 17.023, and a liquidity block at 17.118. These target areas are based on technical factors such as Fibonacci levels and support and resistance levels.

Potential Price Targets

JB discusses potential price targets for AGIX, including the idea of AGIX becoming a 100x project. A 100x project is a cryptocurrency that experiences a 100-fold increase in its price. While this is ambitious, it is not impossible, as there have been many examples of cryptocurrencies achieving 100x gains in the past.

Elliott Wave Theory and Smart Money Concepts

JB also considers Elliott Wave Theory and smart money concepts when discussing AGIX’s potential moves. Elliott Wave Theory is a technical analysis tool that can be used to predict the future price movements of an asset. Smart money concepts refer to the trading strategies and techniques used by professional traders and investors.


Overall, JB suggests that AGIX has the potential to make significant gains in the future. However, investors should be aware that the cryptocurrency is still in the early stages of a corrective phase, and there is the possibility of further downside movement in the near term. Investors should carefully monitor the market and manage their risk accordingly.

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