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Post: Analog Raises $16 Million in Funding for Cross-Chain Communication Tools | Blog

Analog Raises $16 Million in Funding for Cross-Chain Communication Tools | Blog

Key Points:

  • Web3 platform Analog has raised $16 million in funding to advance its cross-chain communication tools for developers.
  • The funding round was backed by several crypto projects and venture firms, including Near, Wintermute, Orange DAO, Quantstamp, Tribe Capital, and NGC Ventures.
  • With this round of funding, Analog’s valuation reaches $120 million on a fully diluted basis.


Analog, a Web3 platform specializing in cross-chain communication tools, has secured $16 million in funding to further develop its platform. By allowing developers to easily communicate and interact with different blockchain networks, Analog aims to enhance the interoperability of various blockchain ecosystems.

The funding round was supported by a range of crypto projects, venture capital firms, and industry experts. Notable contributors include Near, Wintermute, Orange DAO, Quantstamp, Tribe Capital, Alumni Ventures, and NGC Ventures. Former Coinbase executive Balaji Srinivasan and Mike Novogratz’s family office, Samara Asset Group, also participated in the funding.

Analog’s founders, Victor Young and Sanchal Ranjan, recognized the need for cross-chain data triggers while working on algorithmic trading bots. They realized the importance of cross-chain interoperability and established Analog to address this growing demand in the market.

Hot Take:

Analog’s successful funding round indicates the growing interest and support for projects focused on cross-chain communication in the blockchain industry. As the number of blockchain networks continues to expand, the ability to connect and interact seamlessly across different chains becomes increasingly vital. Analog’s platform could significantly simplify the process for developers and contribute to the overall advancement of Web3 technology.

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