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Post: ApeCoin Community Overwhelmingly Backs “.APE” TLD Proposal

ApeCoin Community Overwhelmingly Backs “.APE” TLD Proposal

Key Points:

  • The ApeCoin community supported the proposal for registering “.APE” as a new top-level domain.
  • Over 91% of the community voted in favor of the proposal.
  • ICANN’s plan for new gTLDs by Q2 2026 aligns with this initiative.

Community Support for “.APE” TLD:

The ApeCoin community has demonstrated overwhelming support for the proposal to establish “.APE” as a new top-level domain. This significant majority vote indicates strong backing for the initiative within the community.

Alignment with ICANN’s Plan:

The decision to move forward with creating the .APE TLD aligns with ICANN’s roadmap to introduce new generic top-level domains by the second quarter of 2026. This demonstrates foresight and coordination with industry standards and developments.

Partnership with D3:

The partnership with D3 to implement the new top-level domain underscores a strategic approach by the ApeCoin decentralized autonomous organization. Collaborating with a Web3 domains specialist like D3 enhances the project’s credibility and expertise in this domain.

Hot Take

This collaboration and community support highlight the proactive stance of ApeCoin in exploring new avenues within the cryptocurrency and domain space. By leveraging expertise and garnering overwhelming community backing, ApeCoin is poised to make significant strides in establishing the .APE TLD.

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