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Post: Arbitrum DAO Proposal for Tornado Cash Legal Defense Removed

Arbitrum DAO Proposal for Tornado Cash Legal Defense Removed

Key Points:

  • An Arbitrum DAO proposal to fund legal defense for Tornado Cash developers was removed.
  • The proposal intended to allocate $1.3 million in ARB tokens for legal defense and advocacy.
  • Initiated by delegate DK, the proposal aimed to support Roman Storm and Alexey Pertsev.
  • Arbitrum spokesperson confirmed deletion of the proposal at author’s request.

Arbitrum DAO Proposal Removal:

An Arbitrum DAO proposal seeking to fund the legal defense costs of Tornado Cash’s developers, allocating $1.3 million worth of ARB tokens, was removed from consideration.

Delegate DK’s Initiative:

The proposal was initiated by delegate DK to support Roman Storm and Alexey Pertsev, developers of Tornado Cash. It aimed to provide a robust legal defense and promote privacy-preserving technologies through public relations efforts.

Author’s Request for Deletion:

Following its submission on March 7, the proposal was deleted at the author’s request, as confirmed by an Arbitrum spokesperson.

Hot Take:

The swift removal of the proposal highlights the dynamic nature of decentralized decision-making in DAOs and the importance of transparency in such funding initiatives within the crypto community.

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