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Post: Argentina Removes Crypto Legalization Clause: What It Means for Crypto Holders

Argentina Removes Crypto Legalization Clause: What It Means for Crypto Holders

Key Points:

  • The clause in the Law of Bases and Starting Points for the Freedom of Argentines that would have allowed for the legalization of crypto holdings, even if they were overdue on tax declarations, has been removed from the reformist package proposed by the new government in Argentina.
  • The clause, which was known as the “asset regularization” clause, would have imposed a one-time tax on previously undeclared assets, including cryptocurrencies.
  • The tax rates proposed were 5% on all assets declared by the end of March 2024, 10% from April to June 2024, and 15% from July to September 2024.


The removal of the “asset regularization” clause from the reformist package in Argentina means that there will be no specific provision for the legalization of crypto holdings that were overdue on tax declarations. This decision may be disappointing for crypto holders in Argentina who were hoping for a way to regularize their assets without facing penalties. It is unclear why this clause was removed from the bill, but it suggests that the government may take a stricter stance on crypto taxation and enforcement.

The proposal for a one-time tax on undeclared assets was aimed at encouraging individuals to come forward and declare their assets, including cryptocurrencies, to avoid potential legal issues. The tax rates were progressive, with higher rates applied to declarations made later in the year. This was likely intended to incentivize early compliance and revenue generation for the government.

Without this asset regularization provision, individuals in Argentina who have overdue tax declarations for their crypto holdings may face penalties and potential legal consequences. It is important for crypto holders in Argentina to ensure that they are in compliance with tax regulations and to consult with tax professionals for guidance.

Hot Take:

The removal of the asset regularization clause in Argentina’s reformist package is a blow to crypto holders who were hoping for a path to legalizing their holdings without penalties. It highlights the challenges that governments face in regulating cryptocurrencies and enforcing tax compliance. As cryptocurrencies continue to gain mainstream attention and adoption, governments around the world will need to develop clear and comprehensive frameworks for regulating these assets to ensure both investor protection and revenue generation for the state.

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