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AVAX Price Analysis: JB Sees Potential for Correction, Buying Opportunity in Bearish Market

⚠️ IS Avalanche AVAX SET TO CRASH? ⚠️
⚠️ IS Avalanche AVAX SET TO CRASH? ⚠️

JB has released a new video discussing the recent performance and future expectations for AVAX (Avalanche) in different timeframes. In the video, JB notes that AVAX has experienced significant gains in a short period of time, but he anticipates a potential end to the uptrend.

Key Takeaways


JB begins by reviewing AVAX’s price on the 1-hour timeframe. He notes that AVAX has made a significant move higher in recent days. However, he believes that the uptrend may be coming to an end.

JB then switches to the daily timeframe and takes a closer look at the technical indicators. He notes that the Stochastics and RSI are both overbought, which suggests a potential for a downward correction.

On the weekly timeframe, JB notes that AVAX is still in a bullish trend. However, he believes that the recent gains have been too fast and too furious, and that a correction is likely.


Overall, JB’s analysis suggests that AVAX is due for a correction. He sees potential for a breakdown to around $829 and $780. However, he also sees this as a potential buying opportunity in a bearish market.

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