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Bitcoin Braces for Impact as US Sells Millions: Is Now the Time to Buy or Bail?

Bitcoin: United Stated Government SELLING ASSETS!
Bitcoin: United Stated Government SELLING ASSETS!

Hold onto your digital wallets, crypto enthusiasts! Bitcoin faces a pivotal moment, with the US government’s surprise announcement of selling $130 million in seized Silk Road Bitcoin sending shockwaves through the market. Buckle up as JB takes a deep dive into the 1-hour chart, macro factors, and upcoming events that could determine Bitcoin’s next move.

Charting the Choppy Waters:

Macro Mayhem:

Charting the Long Game:

Community Huddle:

We want to hear your thoughts! Will you hodl through the turbulence, or seek safer harbors? Share your predictions and insights in the comments below.

Stay Alert, Stay Cheeky:

This is just the beginning of the story. Don’t miss out on the next video for even deeper analysis and actionable strategies. Remember, knowledge is your best weapon in this volatile market. So, buckle up, stay informed, and let’s navigate the Bitcoin rollercoaster together!

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