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Bitcoin Halving: Bulls in a Trap? Brace for a Rollercoaster in 2024 (MUST WATCH)

MUST WATCH: Bitcoin BULLS have it WRONG!
MUST WATCH: Bitcoin BULLS have it WRONG!

Hold your horses, Bitcoin bulls! New analysis suggests the popular prediction of a post-halving surge in 2024 might be missing the mark. This in-depth video dives into the historical data of Bitcoin halvings, unveils hidden patterns, and dares to forecast a price rollercoaster you won’t want to miss.

Cracking the Halving Code:

Forget the myth of a rigid 4-year cycle. Our deep dive into 2013, 2016, and 2020 halvings reveals the true, dynamic nature of this event. While the halving day itself may not spark fireworks, the first quarter after has consistently witnessed booming upward trends. But be warned, the lead-up can be brutal, with the first quarter before often bringing a gut-wrenching 30% price slide.

2024: Brace for the Ride:

Buckle up! Nick predicts a similar story for 2024. Brace for a potential 30% dip in Q1, followed by a period of consolidation in Q2. But get ready for liftoff in the second half! We anticipate upward trajectories in Q3 and Q4, culminating in a significant price surge in Q1 of 2025.

Beyond the Hype: A Sobering Dose of Reality:

Don’t be fooled by the siren song of instant riches with Bitcoin spot ETFs. This video cautions against overhyped expectations and underscores the need for rigorous due diligence by institutional investors. A “sell the news” event is a distinct possibility upon ETF launch, so tread carefully.

Dive Deeper: The Video You Need to Watch:

This article just scratches the surface. For the full picture, including market scenarios, expert opinions, and actionable insights, watch the accompanying video!

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