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Bitcoin Takes a Dive: Is a $40,000 Rally Still in the Cards?

BITCOIN DUMPS but is a RALLY to $40,000 NEXT?
BITCOIN DUMPS but is a RALLY to $40,000 NEXT?

In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin has recently experienced a significant downturn, raising questions about its future trajectory. Nick from Cheeky Crypto, a popular cryptocurrency analyst, delves into the latest Bitcoin developments and provides insights into its potential path forward.

Hourly Chart Analysis: Unveiling Liquidity-Based Grabbing

Analyzing the hourly chart, Nick observes a pattern of liquidity-based grabbing, contradicting earlier expectations of a larger impulse move. This pattern suggests that sellers were actively absorbing liquidity, contributing to the recent price drop.

Three-Wave Five-Wave Structure: Understanding the Market Pullback

The market experienced a substantial pull to the downside, forming a three-wave five-wave structure. This pattern is often associated with corrective phases, indicating a potential pause in the upward trend.

Exploring Corrective Wave Scenarios: Anticipating Irregular Flat Correction

Nick explores various corrective wave scenarios, leaning towards an irregular flat correction. This type of correction is characterized by extended waves and complex patterns, suggesting a more nuanced market movement.

Onchain Data Insights: Liquidations and Market Volatility

Onchain data reveals $59.6 million in Bitcoin liquidations, with 82% being long positions. Liquidations occur when traders are forced to sell their holdings due to unfavorable price movements, often contributing to market volatility. Binance leads in liquidations, totaling $24 million, indicating the exchange’s significant presence in the Bitcoin market.

Price Target of $40,000: Maintaining a Bullish Outlook

Despite the recent downturn, Nick maintains a bullish outlook for Bitcoin, anticipating a fifth wave move targeting $40,000. However, he acknowledges the need for further downside retesting before this target can be reached.

Weekly Analysis: Ascending Wedge Bearish Pattern and $30,000 Expectation

Weekly analysis reveals Bitcoin in an ascending wedge bearish pattern, suggesting a potential move to $30,000. This pattern is characterized by converging trendlines, often leading to a downside breakout.

Potential Consolidation Pattern: Preceding a Bitcoin Spot Launch

Nick raises the possibility of a consolidation pattern preceding a Bitcoin spot launch. This consolidation phase could provide a temporary stabilization before the next significant price movement. The timing of this consolidation could coincide with any delays in product approval.

Caution and Market Sentiment: A Word of Advice

Amid the current market sentiment, Nick encourages caution and emphasizes the importance of monitoring Bitcoin’s behavior closely. He advises investors to exercise due diligence and make informed decisions based on their risk tolerance and investment goals.

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