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Bitcoin Technical Analysis: Key Indicators and Potential Price Movements

BITCOIN: is BTC about to make a BIG move?
BITCOIN: is BTC about to make a BIG move?


Bitcoin, the world’s leading cryptocurrency, has been on a downward trajectory in recent months. In this article, we will discuss the technical analysis of Bitcoin on various time frames (1-hour, daily, and weekly) and highlight key indicators and potential price movements.

1-Hour Time Frame

On the 1-hour time frame, Bitcoin has been trading sideways, forming lower highs and lower lows. This suggests that bears are in control and that a move to the downside is likely. Nick expects a target range of $26,160 to $26,296.

Daily Time Frame

The death cross (50 EMA crossing below 200 EMA) is imminent on the daily chart. This is a technical indicator that can signal a bearish trend reversal. Additionally, Nick notes that short-term price action on the daily time frame is below key moving averages, which suggests a bearish sentiment.

Weekly Time Frame

Despite these short-term bearish indicators, the weekly chart shows the potential for a golden cross (50 SMA crossing above 200 EMA) in the future. This is a technical indicator that can signal a bullish trend reversal.

Other Considerations

Nick also mentions the ongoing bear market in altcoins and the lack of significant demand in the cryptocurrency space. These factors could further weigh on Bitcoin’s price in the near term.


Nick anticipates increased volatility in the Bitcoin market due to the upcoming death cross on the daily chart and the potential golden cross on the weekly chart. Traders should be cautious and use risk management strategies when trading Bitcoin in the current market environment.

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