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Bitcoin Technical Analysis: Triangle Pattern Breakout and Bullish Outlook



In this video, Nick a cryptocurrency analyst discusses the technical analysis of Bitcoin (BTC) on a 1-hour time frame and identifies a potential triangle pattern breakout. The video also includes a trading strategy and longer-term analysis.

Technical Analysis

Nick begins by discussing the technical analysis of BTC on a 1-hour time frame. Nick identifys a potential triangle pattern, which is a bullish continuation pattern. Triangle patterns are formed when price action converges between two trendlines, creating a narrowing triangle shape. Nick explains that triangle patterns can be unpredictable, but they often result in a breakout in the direction of the prevailing trend.

Bullish Triangle

Nick identifies the current triangle pattern as a bullish one, based on the structure of the waves (a, b, c, d, e) and the fact that it is forming in an uptrend. Nick anticipates a breakout to the upside, with a price target of $35,790 to $36,638.


Nick also discusses the e-wave within the triangle pattern. The e-wave is often the smallest and most difficult wave to predict. It can be a fake-out move before completing the pattern, or it can be the actual breakout move. Nick recommends waiting for a clear breakout above the resistance trendline before entering a long position.

Trading Strategy

Nick shares a trading strategy for the bullish triangle pattern breakout. The strategy involves placing a stop loss below the swing low of the triangle and targeting a profit-taking level of $35,790 to $36,638. This gives a risk-reward ratio of 1:2.

Longer-Term Analysis

Nick then examines the longer-term analysis of BTC on the daily and weekly charts. Nick highlights low volumes and potential corrective price action. However, Nick also predicts a weekly close above the 50 EMA, which would be a bullish sign.

Overbought Concerns

Nick notes that BTC is overbought on the weekly chart, which suggests that a market reversal and profit-taking may be on the horizon.


Nick concludes the video by thanking viewers and reminding them to like, subscribe, and enable notifications. Nick also encourages viewers to share their thoughts on the Bitcoin market in the comments section.

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