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Bitcoin’s Price Surge Amidst Onchain Data Concerns

The Truth: Bitcoin's Must See DATA!
The Truth: Bitcoin's Must See DATA!

The Bitcoin price has been on a tear recently, reaching new yearly highs. This upward momentum has sparked excitement among many investors, but some analysts are raising concerns based on onchain data.

Technical Analysis and Past Trends

An analysis of both technical charts and onchain data reveals some interesting insights. Historically, Bitcoin has experienced bull and bear markets, with the halving events coinciding with bullish periods. The current bear market, however, is the weakest in Bitcoin’s history, with a 77% drop from its peak.

Potential 1,000% Rise in Bitcoin’s Price

Despite this weakness, some predictions suggest that Bitcoin could experience a significant rise in the future. One prediction suggests a potential 1,000% increase from its current price, with an estimated target of $170,000. This makes Bitcoin a riskier but potentially more rewarding investment compared to other cryptocurrencies.

Distinctive Characteristics of the Current Bear Market

The current bear market exhibits unique characteristics compared to previous ones. While previous bear markets had three-wave corrections, the current one has a five-wave structure. This suggests that the current bear market may be more protracted than previous ones.

Capitulation Analysis and Consolidation

Capitulation events, where large investors sell off their holdings in a panic, have been a significant factor in previous bear markets. However, the current market has not yet experienced a new lower low, and consolidation appears to be happening instead.

Onchain Data Examination and Wealth Transfer

An examination of onchain data, including active addresses and wallet analysis, reveals a decreasing number of wallets with substantial Bitcoin holdings. This suggests that high net worth individuals are taking profits, indicating a wealth transfer from retail investors.

Lack of Appetite from Large Investors

A lack of appetite from large investors is also evident in the data. While the number of large wallets fluctuates, there has been an overall decrease compared to the past. This could be due to large investors waiting for a Bitcoin spot ETF or anticipating lower prices.

Overall, the analysis suggests that despite the ongoing Bitcoin price surge, there are potential challenges. Investors need to be aware of the unique dynamics of the current market and exercise caution.

Warning Signs and Retail Investor Risk

A significant selling pressure from large wallets holders could indicate lack of confidence in the market. About 3.2 million BTC held by retail investors could flood the market if a 20% selloff occurs. This could have a significant impact on the price.

The lack of interest from larger investors suggests that the market is vulnerable, and selling pressure from large holders could put pressure on less experienced investors.

Potential for Imminent Capitulation

If selling pressure continues, it is possible that capitulation could occur. This is where a large number of investors panic sell, driving the price down further. Investors should be cautious in the current market conditions.


The current Bitcoin market is complex and presents both opportunities and risks. Investors need to carefully consider the onchain data, technical analysis, and past trends before making any investment decisions.

Additional Points to Consider


This article is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice. Please conduct your own research before making any investment decisions.

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