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Post: BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF Set to Surpass Grayscale’s GBTC Holdings

BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF Set to Surpass Grayscale’s GBTC Holdings

Key Points:

  • BlackRock’s spot Bitcoin ETF may soon exceed Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) in Bitcoin held in the next 14 trading days.
  • BlackRock ETF currently holds 238,500 BTC valued at $15.5 billion, with an average daily inflow of $274 million.
  • Grayscale’s GBTC holds 350,252 BTC worth $23 billion and has an average daily outflow of $277 million.

BlackRock’s ETF vs. Grayscale’s GBTC:

BlackRock’s spot Bitcoin ETF is projected to surpass Grayscale’s GBTC in Bitcoin holdings within the next three weeks. The ETF has been seeing steady daily inflows of new Bitcoin, which could lead to it overtaking GBTC if current trends continue.

Bitcoin Holdings Breakdown:

BlackRock’s ETF currently holds 238,500 BTC, representing a value of $15.5 billion. With an average daily inflow of $274 million, the fund is consistently adding new Bitcoin to its holdings.

Grayscale’s Continued Outflows:

On the other hand, Grayscale’s GBTC holds 350,252 BTC valued at $23 billion. Despite its substantial holdings, the trust has been experiencing daily outflows averaging $277 million, potentially leading to a scenario where BlackRock’s ETF surpasses it in Bitcoin holdings.

Hot Take:

The increasing popularity of BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF and the consistent inflows compared to Grayscale’s outflows suggest a shifting landscape in Bitcoin investment vehicles. If this trend continues, it could signify a significant milestone for institutional adoption of Bitcoin.

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