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Post: Blockchain Alert: NFT Sales, Ether Transfer & Alleged Hack – What Happened to Milady Maker?

Blockchain Alert: NFT Sales, Ether Transfer & Alleged Hack – What Happened to Milady Maker?

Key Points:

  • A blockchain record shows that an address has sold numerous NFTs connected to Milady, including NFTx staked ones, and transferred $1 million in Ether to another address.
  • Krishna Okhandiar, the founder of Remilia and Milady, also known as Charlotte Fang, claims to have been hacked after the significant transfer of Ether and NFTs to a wallet engaged in asset liquidation.
  • Dumpster DAO, represented by an X user, initially highlighted the incident, sharing a screenshot of Okhandiar mentioning being “drained” and providing a link to the address that received assets from Remilia-associated wallets.
  • Remilia, the DAO behind Milady Maker NFT, faced revenue compromise due to Bonkler, an experimental finance art project created in April 2023, according to Fang’s announcement.

Address Involvement in NFT Sales and Ether Transfer:

A specific address has been identified in blockchain records for selling various NFTs related to Milady and transferring a substantial amount of Ether to another wallet. This activity raises concerns regarding the security of the assets and the involvement of the parties connected to these transactions.

Founder’s Claim of Being Hacked:

Krishna Okhandiar, the individual behind Remilia and Milady, who operates under the pseudonym Charlotte Fang, is alleging that a hacking incident has occurred after a notable transfer of Ether and NFTs to a wallet focused on asset liquidation. This claim highlights potential risks within the ecosystem and the need for enhanced security measures.

Dumpster DAO’s Initial Discovery:

The initial discovery of the incident was made by Dumpster DAO, with a screenshot revealing Okhandiar expressing being drained and a provided link to the receiving address. This proactive approach in identifying suspicious activities demonstrates the importance of community vigilance in safeguarding digital assets.

Impact on Remilia’s Revenue:

The revenue of Remilia, represented by the DAO responsible for Milady Maker NFT, faced challenges due to the impact of Bonkler, an experimental finance art project initiated in April 2023. This development underscores the interconnectedness of projects within the blockchain and NFT space.

Hot Take

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities present in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, emphasizing the critical need for robust security protocols, vigilant community oversight, and swift responses to potential threats. The interconnected nature of blockchain transactions also highlights the ripple effects that can result from security breaches or compromises within the space.

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