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Post: Cash Remains the Preferred Method for Money Laundering, According to United States Treasury Department Report

Cash Remains the Preferred Method for Money Laundering, According to United States Treasury Department Report

Key Points:

  • Cash, not cryptocurrencies, remains the preferred method for money laundering in the United States, according to a report from the United States Treasury Department.
  • The report examines the current landscape of how criminal organizations acquire, launder, and transfer funds domestically and internationally.
  • The anonymity, stability, and widespread acceptance of cash make it the go-to choice for money laundering.


The United States Treasury Department has released a detailed report on money laundering, terrorist financing, and proliferation financing. The report reveals that cash continues to be the primary method used by criminals and transnational criminal organizations to launder illicit funds. While cryptocurrencies often receive attention for their potential use in money laundering, the report emphasizes that cash provides a higher level of anonymity, stability, and universal acceptance, making it the preferred choice for criminal activities.

The report focuses on the advantages that cash offers to money launderers. The anonymity of cash transactions makes it difficult for law enforcement agencies to trace the origin or destination of illicit funds. Cash is also a stable form of payment, as it does not rely on technological infrastructure or digital platforms that can be vulnerable to hacking. Furthermore, cash is widely accepted and can be easily integrated into legitimate financial systems, making it harder to detect and track illegal transactions.

This report underscores the ongoing challenge of combating money laundering, highlighting the need for continued efforts to disrupt criminal networks and strengthen regulations and enforcement measures.

Hot Take:

While cryptocurrencies have often been portrayed as the tool of choice for money laundering, this report demonstrates that cash remains the dominant method used by criminals. The characteristics that make cash attractive for money laundering, such as anonymity and acceptance, are not exclusive to cryptocurrencies. It is crucial for regulators, law enforcement agencies, and financial institutions to be aware of the ongoing use of cash in money laundering schemes and to develop comprehensive strategies to address this issue.

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