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ChainLink (LINK) Price Analysis: Correction in Progress, Bullish Outlook Remains Intact

ChainLink LINK CRASH almost OVER ...
ChainLink LINK CRASH almost OVER ...

ChainLink (LINK), the oracle network powering decentralized applications (dApps), has experienced a recent price correction, raising concerns among investors. However, Nick suggests that this correction is likely a healthy retracement and that the overall bullish trend remains intact.

Analyzing ChainLink’s Price Action

ChainLink’s price has been trading within a potential running flat or zigzag pattern, indicating a possible correction in progress. The hourly chart shows a bearish structure, but there has been no confirmed breakdown yet. If the correction continues, potential targets lie at $12.61 to $12.71.

Daily Chart Reveals Bullish Structure

In contrast, the daily chart exhibits a bullish structure, suggesting that a fifth wave move higher is likely. The price has formed a clear impulse wave, followed by a corrective wave. This pattern indicates that the upward trend is still in play.

No Immediate Breakdown Concerns

Despite the recent correction, there are no immediate breakdown concerns. Healthy corrections are a natural part of any uptrend and allow for a stronger rally to develop.

Weekly Outlook: Bottomed at $47, Targeting $106 to $250

The weekly outlook suggests that ChainLink has bottomed at $47 and is now preparing for a five-wave pattern between $106 and $250. This aligns with the potential targets identified on the hourly and daily charts.

Long-Term Optimism for ChainLink’s Growth

The long-term outlook for ChainLink remains optimistic, with the potential for significant growth in the next bull run. The oracle network’s increasing integrations in web 3 and traditional markets position it well for future success.

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