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ChainLink Price Analysis: Last Chance to Buy Before Huge Rally?



In a recent video, popular cryptocurrency analyst Nick delved into the current state and potential future of ChainLink’s price action, analyzing technical indicators and Elliott Wave Theory to provide insights for investors.

Short-Term Analysis

Nick suggests that ChainLink’s price may continue its downward trend in the short term, forming a zigzag pattern. This potential move is supported by technical indicators like Stochastics, which indicate overbought conditions on the 4H and 1H charts.

Technical Indicator Signals

Nick highlights the importance of moving averages, suggesting that a bullish confirmation could materialize when the 50 SMA and 50 EMA cross above the 200 EMA. This crossover could signal a potential trend reversal.

Pullback and Rally Prediction

Nick anticipates a pullback in ChainLink’s price to around $12 before a potential rally ensues. This prediction aligns with Elliott Wave Theory, which suggests that ChainLink is currently in Wave 4 of a larger upward trend.

Daily Timeframe Analysis

On the daily timeframe, Nick suggests that ChainLink is nearing the completion of Wave 4, paving the way for a significant upward move in Wave 5. This potential rally could lead to substantial price gains.

Price Targets and Speculative Nature

Nick mentions potential price targets for ChainLink, including a retracement to sub-$10 levels before a larger uptrend. However, Nick acknowledges the speculative nature of price predictions, emphasizing the impulsive nature of cryptocurrency price movements.

Long-Term Outlook

The overall market analysis extends to a weekly timeframe, projecting the possibility of ChainLink reaching $700 or even $2,300 in the future. While these targets are ambitious, they highlight the potential for long-term growth.

Community Engagement

Nick encourages viewers to like, subscribe, and join the Discord community for more updates and discussions on cryptocurrency. This engagement fosters a sense of community among traders and investors.


Nick provides valuable insights into ChainLink’s price action, combining technical indicators, Elliott Wave Theory, and long-term projections. While the short-term outlook indicates a potential pullback, the long-term prospects remain optimistic, suggesting that this could be an opportune moment to accumulate ChainLink before a potential rally.

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