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ChainLink Price Analysis: Navigating the Waves with Elliott Wave Theory

ChainLink (LINK): a $200 future?
ChainLink (LINK): a $200 future?

In a recent video analysis, cryptocurrency expert Nick delves into the intricacies of ChainLink’s (LINK) price action, employing the Elliott Wave Theory and Fibonacci retracements to decipher potential future movements. His insights provide valuable guidance for traders seeking to navigate the volatile cryptocurrency market.

Hourly Timeframe: Brace for Short-Term Downward Movement

Nick’s analysis on the hourly timeframe suggests an imminent downward movement for ChainLink, with a target range of $667 to $685. This dip is anticipated to be part of a larger wave four correction, setting the stage for a subsequent wave five surge that could propel LINK’s price to $864 or even $928.

Daily Timeframe: Bullish Potential Lurks Amidst ABC Structure

On the daily timeframe, Nick identifies an ABC structure in play, indicating a potential bullish breakout if LINK closes above the swing high of the A-wave. This bullish scenario could pave the way for further gains in the near future.

Weekly Timeframe: Downside Expected Before Upward Trajectory

Zooming out to the weekly timeframe, Nick anticipates further downside for ChainLink, with a target range of $4 on the higher side and $173 on the lower side. This downward movement, however, is perceived as a temporary phase, potentially leading to an accumulation period that could set the stage for a subsequent upward trajectory.

Accumulation Phase: A Springboard for Future Growth

Nick delves into the concept of an accumulation phase, a period characterized by price consolidation and investor accumulation of LINK tokens. This phase could act as a springboard for future price appreciation, with potential targets between $38 and $89.

Elliott Wave Theory and Fibonacci Retracements: Guiding Tools for Traders

Nick’s analysis heavily relies on the Elliott Wave Theory and Fibonacci retracements, two widely used technical analysis tools. These tools provide valuable insights into potential price movements, helping traders make informed decisions.

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