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Post: Chainlink Price Surges 40% in One Week: Catalysts and Concerns

Chainlink Price Surges 40% in One Week: Catalysts and Concerns

Key Points:

  • Chainlink’s price has risen by approximately 40% in the past week.
  • Three catalysts have contributed to this surge in investor confidence.
  • There is concern that the price rise is not accompanied by strong momentum, increasing the risk of a bull trap.
  • The activation of dormant wallets has led to a spike in the “Age Consumed” metric, contributing to the price jump.


The price of Chainlink (LINK) has experienced a significant increase of around 40% in the last week, reaching its highest level in two years at $19.75. This surge in price can be attributed to three catalysts that have instilled confidence in investors. However, there is a concern that the price rise may not be supported by strong momentum, which could indicate the possibility of a bull trap.

One notable factor contributing to the price jump is the activation of previously dormant wallets. The “Age Consumed” metric, which measures the movement of long-stored tokens, has experienced a significant spike. This sudden influx of old LINK tokens into circulation has played a role in driving up the price.

Hot Take:

While the recent surge in Chainlink’s price is undoubtedly exciting for investors, the lack of strong momentum raises some cautionary flags. This divergence between rising prices and declining momentum suggests a possible exhaustion of bullish sentiment in the market. It is important for investors to closely monitor the situation and consider potential risks, such as a bull trap scenario.

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