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Post: Chances of Ether ETF Approval Decrease Amid SEC Silence

Chances of Ether ETF Approval Decrease Amid SEC Silence

Key Points

  • The chances of an Ether (ETH) ETF approval are decreasing due to the SEC’s lack of communication with fund issuers.
  • Bloomberg ETF analyst Eric Balchunas has downgraded the probability of Ether ETF approval to 35%.
  • With only 73 days left until the final deadline, the absence of feedback from the SEC is concerning.

Decreasing Approval Odds Due to Lack of SEC Communication

Eric Balchunas, a senior Bloomberg ETF analyst, expressed concerns about the diminishing chances of an Ether ETF approval due to the Securities and Exchange Commission’s silence towards fund issuers. This lack of communication raises doubts about the approval process and raises potential roadblocks.

Downgraded Probability to 35%

Balchunas has adjusted his outlook on Ether ETF approval, lowering the probability to just 35%. This downgrade signifies growing skepticism concerning the regulatory acceptance of Ether ETFs in the near future.

Concerns Over Deadline Proximity and SEC Interaction

Highlighting the urgency of the situation, Balchunas pointed out that with only 73 days remaining until the final deadline, the absence of any feedback or correspondence from the SEC adds to the uncertainty surrounding Ether ETF approvals. The lack of engagement could signify potential regulatory hesitancy or obstacles.

Hot Take

The delay and lack of communication from the SEC regarding Ether ETFs are worrying for the cryptocurrency community. This situation highlights the importance of regulatory clarity for the crypto market’s maturation and institutional adoption. Investors and stakeholders eagerly await the SEC’s decision and hope for transparent communication moving forward.

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