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Cheeky Crypto: ChainLink Price Action Analysis and Future Expectations

ChainLink (LINK): A $300 FUTURE?
ChainLink (LINK): A $300 FUTURE?


Host Nick welcomes viewers back to Cheeky Crypto and announces that they will be discussing ChainLink’s recent price action and future expectations. He encourages viewers to like, subscribe, and join their Discord community.

1-Hour Chart Analysis

Nick analyzes the 1-hour chart of ChainLink paired with USDT on Binance. He discusses previous price targets and how the price moved down before rallying. He identifies a five-wave move to the downside, followed by a three-wave move up. He also mentions fair value gaps created by institutional money. Nick expects a three-wave correction to the downside before a final push above $12.

Daily Chart Analysis

Nick examines the daily chart and notes the overbought condition. He anticipates a final move to the upside, possibly around $12. He highlights fair value gaps and potential support levels around $7.70.

Weekly Chart Analysis

Nick describes the WXYXZ pattern in play on the weekly chart. He expects a move down to the accumulation range between $476 and $588. He speculates on a potential future price increase, with a target of $300 for ChainLink.


Nick suggests that institutional interest in ChainLink may lead to a supply shortage and rapid price growth. He considers ChainLink a solid investment due to its technological advancements. He encourages viewers to share their thoughts in the comments.


Nick wraps up the video and encourages viewers to like, subscribe, and stay updated on Cheeky Crypto’s content.

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