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Cheeky Crypto Discusses Latest Headlines and Upcoming Events

Bitcoin Bull Market kicks off?
Bitcoin Bull Market kicks off?

Cheeky Crypto Recaps Latest Crypto News

In a recent episode of the Cheeky Crypto podcast, host Chris delved into the latest headlines shaping the cryptocurrency landscape. With the global crypto market cap up 3.31% and ChainLink surging nearly 10%, Chris hinted at exciting upcoming events, including big interviews, travel, and announcements.

Institutional Interest and Bullish Sentiment

Highlighting Morgan Stanley’s prediction that the crypto winter is over and a new bull run is imminent, they noted Bitcoin’s break above $31,000, currently trading at $38,518. Chris attributed the market re-entry to Bitcoin ETF news but advised caution due to the uncertain macroeconomic outlook.

MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin Bet Pays Off

Underscoring the profitability of MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin investment, Chris emphasized the importance of staying informed in the ever-changing crypto space. Chris reiterated the value of their membership and 7-day free trial, providing access to exclusive content and insights.

Regulatory Developments and Scam Alert

Addressing regulatory developments, Chris mentioned the London Police’s specialized crypto crime unit and a California bill proposing a $1,000 daily cap on crypto ATM withdrawals. With Bitcoin reaching a three-month high, crypto traders urged caution, while FTX’s potential positive news could influence prices.

XRP Volume Profile and Samsung Wallet Alert

Analyzing XRP’s volume profile, Chris identified an interesting trend. Chris also alerted Samsung users to issues with the XRP Ledger top wallet. Concluding the episode, Chris encouraged viewers to like, subscribe, and tap the notification bell for more content.

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