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Cheeky Crypto Interviews Black V Market Ambassador: Paa Talks VeChain NFTs

VeChain 🟣 Black VeMarket
VeChain 🟣 Black VeMarket


In this video, Chris from Cheeky Crypto interviews Paa, an ambassador for Black V Market, a VeChain-based NFT marketplace project.

Guest Introduction

Paa shares their entry into the crypto world, starting with Dogecoin and then moving to Gala Games and VeChain. They also discuss their positive experience with the VeChain community, emphasizing the welcoming and friendly nature of the Discord community.

Becoming an Ambassador

Paa explains how they became an ambassador for Black V Market by offering to represent them in the crypto space. They also discuss the importance of building a team of teams within the VeChain community, where different projects collaborate to create a more united front.

Black V Market Overview

Paa introduces Black V Market, a marketplace project on VeChain that features a variety of NFT projects, such as “Thug’s Paradise,” “Sharks of Anarchy,” “Dragons of Singapura,” and “Gangster Gorillas.” Paa also mentions the cross-chain engagement of some Black V Market projects, such as “Gangster Gorillas,” which is expanding to other blockchains like Algorand, Cardano, and Ethereum.

Other Projects and Features

Paa also mentions the Metaland project, which is related to the Black V Market marketplace. Holding Meta Lands in Metaland can lead to fee reimbursements in BVC, Black V Market’s native token.

Paa also highlights the idea of making NFTs interactive, as seen in the “Thug’s Paradise” project, which features apartments, cars, and other interactive elements. Paa expresses excitement for the potential of “Thug’s Paradise,” and they encourage NFT newcomers to take their time, engage with the community, ask questions, and only invest in NFTs they genuinely like.


Chris expresses gratitude for the interview and encourages viewers to like, subscribe, and share the video to support VeChain projects.

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