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Cheeky Crypto Interviews Ukio Warriors: A Japanese-Focused NFT Project with a Unique Value Proposition

VeChain 🟣Ukiyoe Warriors
VeChain 🟣Ukiyoe Warriors


In a recent interview on Cheeky Crypto, Chris spoke with Air Worthy, the creator of Ukio Warriors, a Japanese-focused NFT project with a unique value proposition.

Interviewee Introduction

Air Worthy got into crypto about two years ago and was initially interested in Dogecoin. He then explored Cardano and VeChain before joining the NFT side of crypto and getting involved with World of V.

Project Description

Ukio Warriors is a project that focuses on simplicity and quality. It rewards holders with music, personalized songs, and Japanese lessons. The team includes an author who is working on a novel about the project. One of the project’s goals is to bridge Web 2 and Web 3.

Mechanisms to Reward Holders

Holders of certain NFT collections will receive a novel written by the author on the team. There are also exclusive music NFTs for project holders, discounts on Japanese lessons and custom songs, and art commissions at a discount.


The team is currently working on a new collection based on Japanese folklore and mythological creatures. They are prioritizing the quality and timing of the release. They are also working on a novel about the project and exploring cross-chain opportunities using music to grow the project.

Community Engagement

To learn more about Ukio Warriors, follow them on Twitter, join their Discord server, or read their articles on Medium.


Chris thanked Air Worthy for taking time away from the conference to speak with him and encouraged the community to explore the Ukio Warriors project and support it. He also encouraged viewers to like, subscribe, and leave comments for more content like this.

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