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Cheeky Crypto Interviews VeChain CTO Antonio: Exciting Projects, Sustainability, and the Future of Web3

Antonio Senatore - What Will Vechain Be Like in 10 Years?
Antonio Senatore - What Will Vechain Be Like in 10 Years?

In a recent video, Chris from Cheeky Crypto interviews Antonio, the CTO of VeChain, about various aspects of VeChain and blockchain technology.

Antonio’s Background and Role at VeChain

Antonio is a computer engineer and technologist with extensive experience in consulting, including roles at Accenture and Deloitte. He joined VeChain in October 2021 and is responsible for technology, team growth, culture, roadmap development, and community building.

VeChain’s Projects and Focus

VeChain is working on integrating with marketplaces and plans to offer “Marketplace as a Service” to users. The team is also focused on sustainability initiatives and exploring use cases for web3 in sustainable behavior.

VeChain’s Recent Launches

VeChain recently launched a new mobile wallet version and an updated reward application.

Antonio’s Advice for Building a Strong Team in the Blockchain Industry

Antonio emphasizes the importance of building a strong team in the blockchain industry. The team holds regular meetings and discussions to prioritize and plan projects.

VeChain’s Aim

VeChain aims to bridge the gap between blockchain technology and real-world use cases.

Understanding Web3 Transition

Antonio discusses the importance of understanding the transition from Web 2 to Web 3 and having a clear reason for the transition. He also talks about his passion for sustainability as a driving force.

Learning the Basics of Web3

Antonio suggests reading Satoshi’s white paper and grasping cryptography fundamentals. He also encourages learning about blockchain technology, especially Ethereum and Solidity. He also stresses the importance of comprehending wallet functionality and key storage.

Avoiding Centralization in Web3

Antonio warns against centralizing everything in Web3 without a purpose and highlights the need to understand the reasons behind Web3 and Bitcoin.

Future of Sustainability Apps

Antonio envisions sustainability apps integrated into various aspects of life, including mobile devices and supply chains. He talks about the potential for product passwords, recyclability, and secondary marketplaces. He also speculates on gamification and digitization of physical items.

Blockchain’s Long Journey

Antonio acknowledges the early stage of blockchain technology and its potential impact. He discusses Vitalik’s account abstraction and its role in mainstream adoption. He also recognizes the transformative nature of Web3 on business models and finance.

Early Days of Web3

Antonio compares the current state of Web3 to the early stages of networking and protocols. He expects pioneers to face failures and bad behavior, but sees them as part of the innovation process.


Chris expresses gratitude to Antonio from VeChain and reflects on the insightful interview. He also encourages likes, subscriptions, and comments from the audience.

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