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Cheeky Crypto: Navigating the Crypto Landscape Amidst Bullish Hopes and Industry Concerns


In a recent episode of Cheeky Crypto, host Chris delves into the latest crypto headlines, market analysis, and the ongoing debate surrounding influencers and scams within the industry.

Crypto Headlines: CTO vs. CEO Twitter Feud and Market Overview

The episode kicks off with a recap of a Twitter feud between a prominent CTO and CEO, highlighting the sometimes heated nature of the crypto space. The global crypto market cap stands at $1.05 trillion, with a slight increase of 0.58%, while Bitcoin’s price hovers around $26,786.

Bull Run Anticipation: Hopes for a $100,000 Bitcoin

Chris dives into the potential for an upcoming bull run, fueled by expectations of Bitcoin surpassing the $100,000 mark. He discusses the role of ETFs in driving market momentum and highlights the increased adoption of cryptocurrencies compared to previous cycles.

Crypto Adoption: Ferrari Embraces Digital Currencies

In a significant move, luxury car manufacturer Ferrari has announced its acceptance of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP as payment options. This signals a growing trend of traditional companies venturing into the blockchain space. However, concerns about the potential use of cryptocurrencies for illicit activities, such as terrorism financing, remain a topic of discussion.

Market Analysis: Cardano’s Downward Trajectory and Ripple’s SEC Battle

Chris analyzes the market, suggesting a possible downward move for Cardano and anticipating lower prices across the board. He also touches on Ripple’s ongoing legal battle with the SEC, with Ripple’s CTO voicing concerns about favoritism within the regulatory body.

Influencers and Scams: Tackling Corruption and Promoting Ethics

The episode tackles the issue of influencers and scams, highlighting the prevalence of corruption and unethical practices within the crypto industry. Concerns arise over influencers promoting scams, providing a platform for bad actors. Chris emphasizes the need for smaller, more ethical influencers to guide the community.

Conclusion: Engaging with Cheeky Crypto

The episode concludes with a call to action, encouraging viewers to like, subscribe, and turn on notifications to stay updated on the latest crypto insights from Cheeky Crypto.

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