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Cheeky Crypto Relocates to Dubai and Highlights Cardano Summit 2023

HUGE CRYPTO Opportunity Coming ...
HUGE CRYPTO Opportunity Coming ...


Cheeky Crypto host Nick welcomed viewers back to the channel, announcing his recent return from the Cardano Summit 2023 in Dubai.

Move to Dubai

Nick revealed that Cheeky Crypto has relocated its business to Dubai due to the city’s crypto-friendly regulatory environment. He cited uncertainties in the UK regarding FCA legislation on marketing as a motivator for the move.

Cardano Summit 2023 Highlights

Nick attended the Cardano Summit and met with various project teams and builders on the Cardano blockchain. He highlighted his interview with Cardano’s Midnight and discussions with projects like Singularity Ruv and Nunet.

Crypto-Friendly Dubai

Nick emphasized Dubai’s crypto-friendly environment and mentioned attending other crypto events specific to the city.

Price Action Analysis

Nick discussed recent price movements in Bitcoin and altcoins, expressing caution regarding potential corrections in the crypto market. He expects a significant pull to the downside, citing overbought conditions on macro levels.

Opportunities Amidst Corrections

Nick encouraged viewers not to fear market corrections, seeing them as opportunities. He shared his personal perspective on a potential 40% reduction in Bitcoin’s price and subsequent opportunities in the market.

Interaction with Viewers

Nick asked viewers for their thoughts on the crypto market, especially if they attended the Cardano Summit. He also encouraged likes, subscriptions, and engagement with the community.

Final Thoughts

Nick reflected on the damp and cold weather in the UK, expressing excitement about potential future visits to Dubai. He invited viewers to share their thoughts on the Cardano Summit and the crypto market in the comments.

Closing Music and Applause

Nick concluded the video with music and applause, signaling the end of the discussion.

Next Plans

Nick mentioned the possibility of hopping back to Dubai next year and exploring more crypto-friendly projects.

Community Engagement

Nick encouraged viewers to join the Discord community and expressed gratitude for likes and subscriptions.

Positive Sign-off

Nick wished viewers a fantastic day, concluding the video.

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