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Cheeky Crypto Uncovers Hidden Gem in Cardano Ecosystem: Project N Revolutionizes Music Industry with Tokenized Streaming Royalties


In a recent interview on Cheeky Crypto, Andrew Westberg, a representative from Project N, discussed how this innovative project is using blockchain technology to revolutionize the music industry. Project N is tokenizing various elements of music, starting with streaming royalty rights. This will bring transparency to streaming royalty payments and reduce the need for middlemen in the music industry.

Empowering Artists and Fans Through Tokenization

Project N is creating a new way for artists to connect with their fans and earn more from their music. Fans can support their favorite artists by buying stream tokens, which entitle them to a share of the royalties generated by the artist’s music. This creates a direct relationship between artists and fans, cutting out the middlemen who traditionally take a large cut of streaming revenue.

Expanding the Project N Ecosystem

Project N has ambitious plans for the future, including the development of micro-tipping, a streaming app, and a marketplace. These features will further empower artists and fans, and create a thriving ecosystem for music on the blockchain.

Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Innovation

Andrew Westberg acknowledged the challenges of creating a user-friendly and non-technical experience for a blockchain-based project. However, he is confident that Project N can overcome these challenges and deliver a product that is both innovative and accessible to a wide audience.

Liquidity and Growth in the Cardano Ecosystem

Project N’s unique approach to tokenization allows liquidity to move on-chain, which will benefit the entire Cardano ecosystem. As the project grows, it will attract more users and developers to Cardano, further solidifying its position as a leading blockchain platform.

Moving into the Second Phase of Testing

Project N is currently moving into the second phase of testing for its distribution platform. In this phase, external artists will join the test net and provide feedback on the platform. This is a major step forward for the project, and it brings them closer to launching their product to the public.

Community Feedback and Excitement

The Cheeky Crypto community is excited about Project N and its potential to revolutionize the music industry. Many viewers expressed their support for the project in the comments section of the interview.


Project N is a hidden gem in the Cardano ecosystem that is poised to make a major impact on the music industry. With its innovative approach to tokenization and its commitment to user-friendliness, Project N is well-positioned to succeed.

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