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Cheeky Crypto’s JB Analyzes Recent XRP Price Movements and Technical Analysis

WARNING: Ripple XRP to drop to $0.25 soon?
WARNING: Ripple XRP to drop to $0.25 soon?

In a recent video on the “Cheeky Crypto” YouTube channel, the presenter JB discussed the recent price movements and technical analysis of XRP (a cryptocurrency) paired with USDT on the BitGate exchange. The video covers various price levels, potential patterns, and future expectations for XRP’s price movement.

JB began by discussing the recent price pump, which saw XRP rise from around $0.30 to over $0.36. He then analyzed the price action on various timeframes, including the 1-hour, 1-day, and 1-week charts. He identified potential support and resistance levels, as well as potential corrective patterns.

JB also discussed the possibility of a bear market, and he suggested that XRP could drop to around 25 to 30 cents in this scenario. However, he also noted that the overall market sentiment is bullish, and he said that XRP could continue to rise if the broader market conditions remain favorable.

JB concluded the video by discussing his trading strategies and risk management considerations. He said that he is currently using a stop-loss order to protect his profits, and he is also using a trailing stop-loss order to lock in profits as XRP rises.

Here are some key takeaways from the video:

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