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Post: Citigroup Collaborates to Tokenize Private Equity Funds Using Blockchain

Citigroup Collaborates to Tokenize Private Equity Funds Using Blockchain

Key Points:

  • Citigroup has partnered with Ava Labs, traditional financial institutions, and digital asset companies to complete a proof-of-concept for tokenizing private equity funds.
  • The project involved simulating workflows in a private equity fund issued by Wellington Management, with ABN AMRO as the investor and WisdomTree simulating the platform on the permissioned Avalanche Evergreen Spruce Subnet.
  • The partners tested smart contracts to enforce distribution rules and used methods to verify identities provided by WisdomTree.
  • Citi believes that blockchain technology has the potential to transform the private equity industry, despite existing legal and technical challenges.


Citigroup is taking part in a collaborative effort to explore the implementation of blockchain technology for tokenizing private equity funds. By partnering with traditional financial institutions and digital asset companies, Citi aims to demonstrate how smart contracts can enforce distribution rules and streamline processes in the private equity industry. The simulated project involving Wellington Management, ABN AMRO, WisdomTree, and Avalanche Evergreen Spruce Subnet has shown promise, but further development is necessary to address legal and technical issues.

Hot Take:

The partnership between Citigroup and other financial institutions in exploring blockchain-based solutions for private equity funds is a significant step toward digital transformation in the industry. While there are challenges to overcome, the potential benefits of increased efficiency, transparency, and security make it worthwhile to continue investing resources into blockchain technology. As more proof-of-concept projects like this one are conducted, the adoption of blockchain in private equity could become more widespread in the future.

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