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Post: Crypto Investors Experience Significant Turnaround in 2023: Average Gains of $887.60 Revealed

Crypto Investors Experience Significant Turnaround in 2023: Average Gains of $887.60 Revealed

Key Points:

  • Crypto investors made nearly $900 in net gains on average from selling crypto in 2023.
  • This is a stark contrast from 2022 when billions were wiped from investors amid collapses of several crypto firms.
  • CoinLedger analyzed 500,000 users’ data to determine the average gains.
  • Realized gains and losses occur when an investor disposes or sells crypto for a different price than they initially acquired it for.
  • A disposal event typically involves the transfer of cryptocurrency to a wallet not owned by the investor.


In 2023, crypto investors experienced a significant turnaround from the losses of the previous year. According to data from CoinLedger, an analysis of 500,000 users’ reporting revealed that the average crypto investor made $887.60 in realized gains. This marks a stark contrast to the challenging period of 2022, where billions were lost due to the collapse of several crypto firms.

Realized gains and losses occur when investors sell or dispose of their cryptocurrencies at a different price from their initial acquisition. In the United States, for tax purposes, this typically involves transferring the cryptocurrency to a wallet that is not owned by the investor, such as selling it on an exchange.

Hot Take:

The rebound in crypto investor gains in 2023 is a positive indication of the market’s recovery. It demonstrates the resilience and potential profitability of the cryptocurrency industry. However, investors should exercise caution and consider factors like market volatility and regulation to make informed decisions and manage risks effectively.

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