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Crypto Market Cap at $1.04 Trillion, Bitcoin at $25,896: Latest News and Updates


The global crypto market cap is at $1.04 trillion, with Bitcoin’s price at $25,896. The market is expected to be volatile in the coming days due to the liquidation decision of FDX.

FDX Liquidation Decision to Cause Market Volatility

The recent liquidation decision of FDX is expected to cause volatility in the crypto market. FDX is a crypto derivatives exchange that was forced to liquidate its positions due to financial difficulties. This liquidation could lead to a sell-off in the market, as investors become concerned about the stability of the crypto industry.

Ripple Executive’s Dream Home Renovation Facing Challenges

The dream home renovation of a Ripple executive is facing challenges due to the volatility of the crypto market. The executive had invested a significant amount of money in crypto, and the recent decline in prices has put their renovation plans in jeopardy.

Croatia Launches Crypto Pig Farm Platform

Croatia has launched a crypto pig farm platform in an effort to support the meat industry. The platform allows users to buy crypto pigs, which are then raised and slaughtered for their meat. The platform is seen as a way to promote the use of crypto in the real world.

UK Crypto Firms Can Apply for Delay in Ad Rule Compliance

UK crypto firms can apply for a delay in complying with tough ad rules. The rules, which were due to come into effect in January 2023, require crypto firms to be more transparent about the risks associated with their products. However, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has said that firms can apply for a delay if they are not yet ready to comply with the rules.

Kraken Plans to Expand into Crypto Derivatives

Kraken, a major crypto exchange, is planning to expand into crypto derivatives. Derivatives are financial instruments that allow investors to bet on the future price of an asset. Kraken’s expansion into derivatives is seen as a sign of the growing maturity of the crypto market.

182 Individuals Globally Own Crypto Worth at Least $100 Million

A study has revealed that approximately 182 individuals worldwide own crypto assets worth at least $100 million. The study, which was conducted by Chainalysis, found that these individuals are mostly based in North America and Europe.

IMF and FSB Warn Against Banning Crypto

The IMF and FSB have jointly warned against attempting to ban cryptocurrencies. The organizations said that banning crypto would be ineffective and could have unintended consequences. They also said that crypto could play a role in promoting financial inclusion.


These are just some of the latest news and updates from the crypto world. The market is expected to be volatile in the coming days, but there are also some positive developments taking place. It will be interesting to see how the market performs in the long term.

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