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Crypto Market Outlook: Chris from Cheeky Crypto Sees Significant Changes Ahead

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Chris from Cheeky Crypto, a popular crypto YouTube channel, recently released a video discussing his outlook on the crypto market. He anticipates significant changes in the next 5-8 months, with potential economic challenges ahead.

Chris believes that many people will leave the crypto space in the coming months, citing declining YouTube views, Google search terms, and recent market downturns. He believes that economic conditions may worsen, leading to people selling their crypto assets to stay afloat.

Chris predicts that whales, or large crypto investors, will sell their assets while institutions like BlackRock and JP Morgan will seek to buy cheap crypto assets. He advises investors to monitor project teams, their roadmaps, and liquidity on exchanges.

Chris also speculates that some crypto projects may fail due to prolonged bear market conditions. He discusses Gary Gensler’s negative stance on crypto and suggests that he may be influenced by larger financial players.

Chris also discusses technical issues on Binance’s Futures platform and Thailand’s crackdown on a $27 million crypto scam. He also mentions speculative price predictions for XRP in 2024 and Shiba Inu’s milestone of over 2.1 million transactions on its layer 2 blockchain, Shiberium.

Chris concludes the video by emphasizing the importance of research and cautioning against blindly following a bullish narrative. He encourages his viewers to like, subscribe, and enable notifications for his content.


Chris’s outlook on the crypto market is a cautious one. He believes that the next 5-8 months will be challenging for the industry, but he also believes that there are opportunities for investors who are prepared. By doing your own research and monitoring the market closely, you can position yourself for success in the long run.

Disclaimer: This article is not financial advice. Please do your own research before making any investment decisions.

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