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Crypto Market Poised for Bullish Run as Fed Pivot Signals Potential End to Interest Rate Hikes

Are you READY? Crypto Bull Market Coming ...
Are you READY? Crypto Bull Market Coming ...

The cryptocurrency market is showing signs of a potential bullish reversal as the Federal Reserve signals a possible pause in interest rate hikes. This so-called “Fed pivot” could lead to more money flowing into the market, fueling a continuation of the recent upward trend.

Retail Investors Selling, Whales Buying

On-chain data analysis reveals that retail investors holding significant Bitcoin assets (10 or more BTC) have begun to sell, while whale investors are accumulating. This suggests that whales are strategically positioning themselves for a potential surge in prices, as their large holdings give them significant market influence.

Bitcoin Supply and Liquidations

Currently, approximately 7.64 million Bitcoin are held by whale investors. Meanwhile, $33 million worth of Bitcoin liquidations have occurred, primarily due to short positions being squeezed out.

Fed Pivot Represents Last Opportunity Before Next Bull Market

The potential Fed pivot could represent the last opportunity for investors to accumulate cryptocurrency assets before the next bullish market cycle. While Bitcoin may have already bottomed out, retesting the $20,000 level is still possible. Altcoins, on the other hand, could experience further downside.

Historical Data Suggests Temporary Downturn Before Bitcoin Spot ETF

Historical data suggests that a Fed pivot could lead to a temporary market downturn before the introduction of a Bitcoin spot ETF, which could then trigger a successful market run.

Bitcoin Dominance Increasing, Impacting Altcoins

The total cryptocurrency market capitalization, excluding Bitcoin, remains stagnant, while Bitcoin dominance is increasing. This is having a negative impact on altcoins.

CME Gaps Suggest Potential Market Moves and Volatility

The presence of CME gaps suggests potential market moves and volatility in the near future.

Conclusion: One Last Opportunity Before Next Bull Market

The speaker believes that there is one last opportunity for investors to enter the market before the next bull market. However, they recommend consulting with a financial advisor for personalized advice.

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