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Crypto Market Update: Bitcoin Holds Steady, Solana Surges, XRP Whales Accumulate

$200,000 Bitcoin - 2024? #btc
$200,000 Bitcoin - 2024? #btc

The global crypto market cap is down 0.03% at $11.13 trillion, with Bitcoin trading at $29,812.92. Solana has seen a 28.21% gain in the last seven days, despite a recent loss of $100 million in total value locked.

JP Morgan Predicts SEC Approval for Bitcoin Spot ETF by January 10, 2024

JP Morgan predicts that the SEC will approve a Bitcoin spot ETF by January 10, 2024. The firm is also optimistic about the prospect of an Ethereum spot ETF. The market is currently being influenced by a number of factors, including the FED pivot and global economic conditions.

XRP Whales Accumulate Following SEC Victory

XRP’s recent victory against the SEC is a bullish factor for its price. Big-time investors now control 29.5% of the total supply.

Bitcoin Could Reach $200,000 in Bull Run, Driven by Institutional Involvement

Price predictions suggest that Bitcoin could reach $200,000 in a bull run, driven by institutional involvement. Privacy projects that mask and unmask data could also impact the market positively.

UK Remains World’s Third-Largest Crypto Economy

The UK remains the world’s third-largest crypto economy and the largest in Europe.

XRP Registers Biggest Single-Day Gain in Three Months

XRP registers its biggest single-day gain in three months after the SEC drops charges against Ripple’s leaders.

Cardano Launches First Social Media App

Cardano launches its first social media app, showcasing developments on the Cardano ecosystem.

Binance Stops Offering Crypto Visa Debit Cards in Europe

Binance stops offering crypto Visa debit cards in Europe, possibly due to regulatory issues.

FBI Charges Six Individuals for Allegedly Running $30 Million Money Transfer Business Using Cryptocurrencies

The FBI charges six individuals for allegedly running a $30 million money transfer business using cryptocurrencies, involving Bitcoin conversion to cash.

$84.5 Billion Exits Major Banks in Last Three Months

$84.5 billion has exited major banks like JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and Citigroup in the last three months due to the banking sector’s challenges and uncertainty.

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Chris invites viewers to join the Cheeky Crypto Discord community for further insights and discusses how they’ve been navigating the bear market.

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