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Crypto Market Update: Stagnant Market Cap, Potential Bear Market Rallies, and Lower Lows



The cryptocurrency market capitalization is currently stagnant at $1.05 trillion, with Bitcoin trading at $26,348.92. Chris is discussing the potential for bear market rallies and lower lows in the near future.

Coinbase Registers with Spain’s Central Bank for AML Compliance

Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, has successfully registered with Spain’s Central Bank for compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) standards. This is a positive development for the crypto industry, as it shows that exchanges are taking steps to meet regulatory requirements.

Beware of Crypto Scams

Experts are warning investors to be aware of crypto scams, which are on the rise. It is important to do your research before investing in any cryptocurrency or project, and to only invest what you can afford to lose. It is also important to avoid holding your crypto on exchanges, as they are a target for hackers.

Hong Kong Crypto Firm Loses $200M to Hack

A Hong Kong crypto firm lost $200 million to hackers in a recent attack. This highlights the importance of cybersecurity measures in the crypto space. Exchanges and other crypto businesses should take all necessary steps to protect their users’ assets.

European Investors More Bullish on Crypto than Americans

European investors are more bullish on crypto than American investors, according to a recent survey. This may be due to regulatory differences between the two regions. Europe is generally more supportive of crypto regulation, while the US regulatory landscape is more uncertain.

HTX Loses $8M in ETH Hack

HTX, a cryptocurrency exchange, lost $8 million in Ethereum in a recent hack. This is another reminder of the importance of cybersecurity in the crypto space.

Cardano Claims Top Spot in Crypto Development Activity

Cardano (ADA) has claimed the top spot in crypto development activity, according to a recent report. This is a positive sign for the Cardano ecosystem, as it indicates that developers are actively building on the platform.

Polka Dot Roadmap to Support 1,000 Parachains

Polka Dot has a roadmap to support 1,000 parachains, which would make it the most scalable blockchain platform in the world. This is a bullish development for the Polka Dot ecosystem, as it could attract more projects and users to the platform.

Moonbeam Launches Reward Campaign for Early Bird Delegators

Moonbeam, a Polka Dot ecosystem project, has launched a reward campaign for early bird delegators. This is a good opportunity for investors to earn rewards by supporting the Moonbeam network.

Ripple’s CTO Defends XRP Against Claims of Enrichment

Ripple’s CTO, David Schwartz, has defended XRP against claims of enrichment. He has stated that Ripple does not benefit from the price of XRP, and that the company is focused on building utility for the token.


The cryptocurrency market is currently in a state of flux. The market cap is stagnant, and there is potential for both bear market rallies and lower lows in the near future. Investors should be cautious and do their research before investing in any cryptocurrency or project.

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