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Crypto News, Analysis, and Predictions: Cheeky Crypto with Chris


In the latest video from Cheeky Crypto, Chris provides an overview of the crypto market, including news, analysis, and predictions.

Crypto Space News

Chris begins by highlighting the latest news in the crypto space, including updates on Ripple and Solana. He also encourages viewers to like, subscribe, and enable notifications to stay up-to-date on the latest developments.

Market Analysis

Chris then discusses the total global crypto market cap, Bitcoin’s trend, and Cardano’s performance. He notes that the market cap has been relatively stable in recent weeks, while Bitcoin has been trading sideways. Cardano has been one of the better performers in the market, with a gain of over 10% in the past week.

Crypto Business Bankruptcy

Chris then reports on the bankruptcy of crypto business Black’s Club. He discusses the impact of this bankruptcy on the community and the lessons that can be learned from it.

Crypto Trader Warning

Chris also mentions a warning from crypto trader Altcoin Sherpa about Binance Coin (BNB) and Solana. Altcoin Sherpa has expressed concerns about Solana’s centralization and controversial actions by Alameda Research.

Solana Centralization

Chris echoes Altcoin Sherpa’s concerns about Solana’s centralization. He notes that Solana has been plagued by network outages and other technical issues in the past.

BlackRock Crackdown on Crypto Scams

Chris then mentions BlackRock’s efforts to crackdown on crypto scam sites. BlackRock is a major asset management firm that is increasingly getting involved in the crypto space.

Hamas Receives Crypto

Chris also discusses a report that Hamas, a Palestinian terrorist group, has received $41 million in crypto donations. He notes that this is a reminder of the potential for crypto to be used for illicit purposes.

Crypto Use Case for Payments

Chris then reviews a use case for crypto in payments. He discusses how crypto can be used to make payments quickly and cheaply, even across borders.

Discord and Membership Participation

Chris encourages viewers to join the Cheeky Crypto Discord channel and participate in the membership program. He notes that these platforms offer a great way to learn more about crypto and connect with other investors.

Ripple Legal Victory

Chris then discusses Ripple’s recent legal victory against the SEC. He notes that this victory is a positive development for the crypto industry and could lead to wider adoption of XRP.

Cardano Price Prediction

Chris teases a Cardano price prediction in the video. He is optimistic about Cardano’s performance in the long term, given its strong fundamentals and growing community.

Reminder of Risks

Chris concludes the video by reminding viewers of the importance of research and the risks in the crypto market. He urges viewers to only invest what they can afford to lose.

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