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Cryptocurrency Market Update: Bitcoin Stable, Cardano Downtrend, Base Protocol Soars


The cryptocurrency market was relatively stable on Tuesday, with Bitcoin trading at $26,134 and the total global market cap at $1.05 trillion. However, analysts are expecting volatility in the near future.

Cardano’s price trend has been on a downtrend, with some analysts comparing it to the historical downtrend of the NASDAQ. The Base protocol, a new DeFi platform, has surpassed Cardano’s TVL (Total Value Locked) on its launch.

Ripple is awaiting a key SEC appeal decision, which could have a significant impact on the price of XRP. Investor sentiment is uncertain, but the religious institution Omen has recently invested in cryptocurrency, showing positive industry adoption.

BitBoy Crypto’s channel has been facing internal conflict, with the removal of Ben Armstrong as host. This has sparked speculation and discussions about the future of the channel. Armstrong has addressed the allegations against him, but caution is advised in assessing the situation as it involves human dynamics and potential misinformation.

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