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Five Cryptocurrency Projects to Watch in November 2023

Top Altcoins in 2023 under 1 Cent šŸ”„become a millionaire
Top Altcoins in 2023 under 1 Cent šŸ”„become a millionaire

Chris from Cheeky Crypto is back with another video highlighting five cryptocurrency projects to watch in November 2023. In this video, Chris covers a variety of projects, from cybersecurity to digital advertising to privacy.


PolySwarm is a cybersecurity project that is currently trading under 1 cent. The project is listed on Coinbase and has a strong team behind it. Chris believes that PolySwarm is potentially undervalued and could see significant growth in the future.

Shib Token

Shib Token is a meme coin that has been showing some surprising strength lately. The project is building utility and an ecosystem, which is helping to attract new investors. Chris also mentions related tokens like Bone, which have the potential to be profitable as well.

Jasmy Coin

Jasmy Coin is an interesting project with a solid team behind it. However, Chris does caution that the project’s tokenomics are not ideal. Despite this, Jasmy Coin is up slightly in the last 24 hours.


Verasity is a project that is focused on digital advertising and payment. Chris believes that Verasity has the potential for significant growth, as it is addressing a large and growing market.


Findora is a privacy project that is compliant with regulations. Chris compares Findora to traditional bank accounts on the blockchain, and believes that Findora has the potential to be adopted by traditional businesses.


Chris is not a financial advisor, and the video is for entertainment purposes only. He encourages viewers to do their own research and invest cautiously due to market volatility.

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