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Post: Google Fined for EU Copyright Breach in AI Training

Google Fined for EU Copyright Breach in AI Training

Key Points:

  • Google accepted a 250 million euro fine from French competition authorities for breaching EU copyright laws during AI training.
  • The French watchdog raised concerns that Google’s AI service, formerly Bard and now Gemini, was trained on content from local publishers without proper authorization.
  • Google highlighted its licensing agreements with 280 French press publishers, stating it pays several tens of millions of euros annually.

Google’s Breach of EU Copyright Laws:

Google has agreed to pay a significant fine to the French competition authorities for violating EU copyright laws during the training of its AI services. The breach involved the unauthorized use of content from local publishers, as highlighted by the French competition watchdog.

Concerns Over AI Training:

The French competition authority expressed concerns regarding Google’s AI service, previously named Bard and now known as Gemini, alleging that it was trained using material from French media publishers and news agencies without the necessary permissions. This action was deemed as a violation of EU intellectual property laws.

Licensing Agreements with French Press Publishers:

In response to the fine, Google emphasized its existing licensing agreements with 280 French press publishers. The company stated that it pays a significant annual sum, amounting to “several tens of millions of euros” to these publishers, positioning itself as proactive in partnering with the media industry.

Hot Take

Google’s acceptance of the fine reflects the importance of adhering to copyright laws, especially in the era of AI technologies that rely heavily on training data. The company’s commitment to collaboration through licensing agreements underscores the significance of respecting intellectual property rights in the digital landscape.

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