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Post: Hacken Report Raises Suspicions of Inside Job at Ripple

Hacken Report Raises Suspicions of Inside Job at Ripple

Key Points:

  • Hacken, a blockchain auditing firm, claims to have found an XRP-affiliated wallet connected to the recent $112.5 million exploit on Ripple co-founder Chris Larsen’s personal wallets.
  • The hacker who carried out the attack on Larsen’s wallets also had links to a wallet that Ripple may have controlled, according to Hacken’s report.
  • Hacken did not conclude that the attack was performed by a Ripple employee but stated that two wallets connected to XRP’s authorized wallet were involved in the attack.


Hacken’s report raises suspicions about a potential inside job at Ripple, as the hacker had links to a wallet that the company may have controlled. However, Hacken did not definitively find evidence of a Ripple employee being involved in the attack. Further investigation is needed to determine the full extent of the incident and the possible involvement of insiders.

Hot Take:

This incident highlights the importance of robust security measures and practices in the cryptocurrency industry. It serves as a reminder to individuals and organizations to remain vigilant and implement strong security protocols to protect their digital assets from potential breaches.

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