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How Many VET Tokens Do You Need to Become a Millionaire?

How much Vechain VET is needed to make $1M?
How much Vechain VET is needed to make $1M?


In a recent video on the Cheeky Crypto YouTube channel, analyst Nick discussed how many VET tokens are needed to become a millionaire. He began by analyzing the daily chart for VET, mentioning a potential pullback in the near future, with a price range of 1.1 to 1.5 cents.

Future Price Projections

Nick then discussed potential future price targets for VET, mentioning a conservative estimate of $0.47 and more optimistic estimates of $1 and $143. He highlighted the importance of potential changes in VET’s tokenomics to reach higher price levels.

Investment Calculation

Nick presented an Excel spreadsheet for calculating the number of VET tokens needed to generate $1 million based on different future price scenarios and the average purchase price of the token. He calculated that you would need 2.1 million VET tokens to generate $1 million with a future price of $0.47.

Growth Potential

Nick also discussed the growth potential of VET and suggested it’s a good investment opportunity, especially at the current price levels. He mentioned the growing adoption of VET by businesses and governments, as well as the development of new products and services on the VeChain blockchain.


In conclusion, Nick believes that VET has the potential to reach $1 or more in the future. If this happens, investors who purchase VET at current price levels could potentially become millionaires. However, it is important to note that all investments carry risk, and investors should always do their own research before investing in any asset.

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