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Huge News for Crypto: Cardano Partnership, ETFs, and DeFi Integrations


In a recent video, crypto analyst Chris from Cheeky Crypto delves into the latest news and developments in the cryptocurrency space. The video covers a wide range of topics, from significant partnerships to potential ETFs and DeFi integrations.

Cardano Announces Significant Partnership

Cardano, the blockchain platform behind ADA, has announced a major partnership. Details about the partnership are still under wraps, but Chris believes it will be a significant boost for Cardano’s ecosystem.

Crypto Market Cap and Anticipated Pullback

The overall cryptocurrency market cap is currently at $1.4 trillion, up 0.36% in the last 24 hours. Despite this slight increase, Chris expects volatility in the near future and anticipates a potential pullback. He believes that this pullback could be part of a broader bear market rally.

Promoting Cheeky Crypto Stake Pool

Chris takes a moment to promote Cheeky Crypto’s stake pool, emphasizing their support for Cardano’s ecosystem. He encourages viewers to consider staking their ADA with Cheeky Crypto to help secure the Cardano network and earn passive rewards.

Potential ETFs and BlackRock’s Filing

The possibility of crypto ETFs continues to be a hot topic in the industry. Chris discusses the potential impact of these ETFs on the market and highlights BlackRock’s recent filing with the SEC for a Bitcoin spot ETF.

RVE Rebranding and Acquisition

RVE has rebranded and acquired a crypto wallet family in an effort to expand its web reach. Chris believes that this move could help RVE attract new users and increase adoption of its platform.

Bitcoin Integration with Sushi on Zeta Chain

Bitcoin has been integrated with Sushi on the Zeta chain, enabling users to access decentralized finance (DeFi) applications on the Bitcoin network. Chris views this integration as a positive development for both Bitcoin and DeFi.

Bitcoin Supply Dormant for Over a Year

A notable statistic reveals that 70% of the Bitcoin supply has been dormant for over a year. Chris interprets this as a sign of long-term investor confidence in Bitcoin.

Ripple’s Legal Victory and XRP Ledger’s Layer 2 Achievement

Ripple Labs has recently won a legal victory in its ongoing case against the SEC. Chris shares his thoughts on the implications of this victory and also discusses XRP Ledger’s recent achievement of processing over 50 billion transactions.

Cardano Proposes Partnership with Kraken

Cardano has proposed a partnership with Kraken to develop a layer 2 blockchain network. Chris believes that this partnership could benefit both Cardano and Kraken and help to further scale the Cardano ecosystem.

Coinbase Launches Base, a Layer 2 Network for Decentralized App Development

Coinbase has launched Base, a layer 2 network for decentralized app development. Chris views this as a significant step forward for Coinbase and the Ethereum ecosystem.

Cardano Forms Partnership with Polkadot for Partner Chains

Cardano has formed a significant partnership with Polkadot to create a new standard for partner chains. Chris believes that this partnership could help to expand the reach of both Cardano and Polkadot.

Opinions on Ripple’s Legal Victory and XRP Ledger’s Layer 2 Achievement

Chris shares his opinions on Ripple’s legal victory and XRP Ledger’s layer 2 achievement. He believes that these are both positive developments for the cryptocurrency industry.

Encourage Responsible Trading and Cheeky Crypto Memberships

Chris encourages viewers to practice responsible trading and highlights the benefits of Cheeky Crypto memberships. He offers a 7-day free trial for memberships and invites viewers to join the community.


The video concludes with Chris encouraging viewers to like, subscribe, and enable notifications. He also reminds viewers to check out the Cheeky Crypto website and social media channels for more information.

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