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Interview with Vchain NFT Project Co-Creator Reveals Insights, Goals, and Vision


In a recent interview, the co-creator of the VeChain NFT project, wogs, shares insights on their project, their film-making background, and their plans for the future.

Filmmaking Background

Braden Smith, the co-creator of wogs, is a filmmaker who co-founded “Vet TV,” a company targeting combat veterans with content. This background has shaped the wogs project, which aims to create a high-quality TV show for the blockchain called “Deens,” targeting the web 3 community.

VeChain Platform

The project chose VeChain as their NFT platform to be part of its strong and tight-knit community. They also appreciate VeChain’s commitment to sustainability and its use of Proof-of-Authority, which reduces energy consumption and environmental impact.

Plans for the Future

The project is treating wogs as a business first and plans to bridge its current collections to Ethereum, allowing VeChain holders to get a free mint for “vet pets.” The TV show’s release is tentatively set for Q1, but timelines may adjust depending on market sentiment and complexities of filming.

Challenges and Motivation

The co-creator acknowledges the challenges of the bear market but finds motivation in their supportive community. They are excited about long-term possibilities in the realm of “film 3,” exploring decentralized content creation and distribution.

Community Involvement

The project welcomes community involvement through Discord and Twitter, maintaining a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

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