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Is Internet Computer (ICP) on the Verge of a 50x Rally?

Is This Hidden Gem On A 50x Rally?
Is This Hidden Gem On A 50x Rally?

Internet Computer (ICP) has been making waves in the cryptocurrency market, with a remarkable 232% surge in the last 84 days. This bullish momentum, coupled with a favorable supply situation and positive technical indicators, has fueled speculation of a potential 50x rally for ICP.

Bullish Momentum and Fibonacci Levels

ICP’s price has broken through key resistance levels, including the 50 Simple Moving Average (SMA) and 50 Exponential Moving Average (EMA), indicating strong upward movement. Moreover, the price has breached the 1.382 Fibonacci level and is approaching the 1.618 impulsive level at $997.00. This suggests that ICP could continue its upward trajectory, potentially reaching new heights.

Technical Indicators and Overbought Conditions

While the overall trend for ICP is bullish, technical indicators are showing signs of overbought conditions. Daily, weekly, and monthly stochastic positioning indicates that the price may be due for a retracement. This is a common occurrence in markets that experience rapid price movements.

Potential Retracement and Elliott Wave Analysis

A short-term retracement is anticipated, possibly in internal structures within the larger bullish trend. Elliott Wave analysis suggests that ICP is in a five-wave move and could be nearing the completion of the fifth wave. This could lead to a pullback in price, providing an opportunity to buy before further upside.

Speculative Target Levels

Speculative target levels for the fifth wave include $108 and $112, with considerations for retracement levels such as $84 and $74. These levels could act as support and resistance points as ICP navigates the market.

Overall Outlook and Long-Term Optimism

Despite concerns about overbought conditions, the overall outlook for ICP remains positive. The project has a strong foundation, with limited supply and the potential for acceleration in value during a bullish market. While expectations of reaching the previous all-time high of $2,831 may be ambitious, the possibility of a 50x rally is not out of the question.

Caution and Acknowledgement of Past Challenges

It is important to acknowledge the challenges ICP has faced in the past, including its troubled launch and technical issues. Investors should exercise caution and do their own research before investing in any cryptocurrency.


Internet Computer has demonstrated significant growth in recent months and has the potential for further upside. However, investors should be mindful of overbought conditions and potential retracements. A long-term perspective, coupled with careful research and risk management, could be beneficial for those considering ICP as an investment opportunity.

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