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Post: Jihan Wu Takes Over as CEO of Bitdeer: A New Era for Cryptocurrency Mining

Jihan Wu Takes Over as CEO of Bitdeer: A New Era for Cryptocurrency Mining

Key Points:

  • Bitdeer, a cryptocurrency mining firm, announced that Jihan Wu, former CEO of Bitmain, will be taking over as CEO of the company.
  • Wu will be replacing Linghui Kong, who will transition to the role of Chief Business Officer.
  • Wu founded Bitdeer in 2020 after his departure from Bitmain, the mining chip manufacturer he co-founded in 2013.
  • The leadership change is intended to allow Wu and Kong to focus on their areas of expertise and take advantage of growth opportunities.


Jihan Wu’s appointment as CEO of Bitdeer indicates a shift in leadership for the cryptocurrency mining firm. Having previously co-founded Bitmain, Wu brings extensive experience and expertise to his new role. The decision to transition Linghui Kong to the position of Chief Business Officer suggests a strategic move to leverage the strengths of both individuals and create growth opportunities for the company. This change in leadership could potentially lead to innovative developments and expansion in the cryptocurrency mining industry.

It’s also worth noting that Jihan Wu has played a significant role in the cryptocurrency space, particularly in the mining sector. His involvement in both Bitmain and now Bitdeer further solidifies his position as a key figure in the industry.

Hot Take:

This leadership change at Bitdeer comes at a time when the cryptocurrency mining industry is facing challenges due to regulatory changes and environmental concerns. Jihan Wu’s expertise and experience in the field could be instrumental in navigating these challenges and finding sustainable solutions for crypto mining. As CEO, Wu will likely bring fresh perspectives and strategies to Bitdeer, potentially driving growth for the company and contributing to the overall advancement of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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