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KASPA: Ready to Reignite the FOMO and Pump Again?


Kasper, a layer-1 Proof-of-Stake blockchain protocol, has captivated the crypto community with its remarkable price performance, soaring nearly 3,000% in just 400 days. However, recent price action has raised questions about its potential for further growth – is Kasper ready to pump again?

Recent Price Action and Technical Analysis

Kasper’s price has exhibited notable volatility, oscillating within a range of 11.5 cents to 15.12 cents on the daily timeframe. This price action suggests a healthy consolidation phase after a substantial rally.

The recent rejection from the 15-cent resistance level triggered a correction of around 23.37%. Technical analysis suggests that this correction is forming a WX, YX, and Zed structure, with a target range between 12.07 cents and 12.55 cents.

Potential Downside and Retracement Targets

On the daily timeframe, Kasper’s price is likely to fluctuate between 11.51 cents and 15.48 cents. While a further downside movement to around 11.32 cents is possible, a deeper retracement to the 10-cent level could provide an attractive entry point for long-term investors.

Upside Potential and Potential Retracements

Despite the potential for further retracements, the overall outlook for Kasper remains bullish. JB anticipates a significant push to the upside, with potential targets at 20 cents or even higher.

Before resuming its upward trajectory, Kasper may experience further retracements to test support levels between 1.1 cents and 0.8 cents. These retracements could act as accumulation zones for investors seeking to capitalize on the cryptocurrency’s potential.

4,000% Gains: A Realistic Possibility?

While the prospects for further gains are encouraging, caution is advised. The already substantial price movement suggests that significant corrections are likely along the way.

The possibility of a 4,000% gain cannot be entirely ruled out, but investors should exercise prudence and conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions.

Community Insights and Expectations

The Kasper community is actively engaged in discussions about the cryptocurrency’s future. While there is widespread optimism about Kasper’s potential, there is also recognition of the need for careful risk management.

The community encourages open dialogue and welcomes insights, targets, and expectations from fellow investors. The collective wisdom of the community can provide valuable guidance in navigating the cryptocurrency landscape.


Kasper has demonstrated impressive growth potential, but investors should be prepared for the volatility inherent in the cryptocurrency market. Carefully analyzing technical indicators, understanding market dynamics, and exercising prudent risk management are essential for navigating the potential for further gains and avoiding potential pitfalls.

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