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Kedo Valley, Cornucopias Exciting Multiplayer Game in Development

Cornucopias: The Play-to-Earn Game That's Changing Cardano
Cornucopias: The Play-to-Earn Game That's Changing Cardano

In a recent interview with the Cheeky Crypto team, Josh and Rob from Cornucopias discussed their exciting developments in Las Vegas, including their multiplayer game, Kedo Valley.

Key Takeaways

Additional Notes

The interview also discusses Cornucopias decision to upgrade to Unreal Engine 5, the challenges of adapting to changes in the crypto bear market, and their excitement about opening up the project to a larger audience and introducing cross-chain integration.

Overall, the interview provides a fascinating glimpse into the development of a promising new multiplayer game. It is clear that Cornucopias is passionate about building a high-quality and engaging experience for its players.

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